The Wimmera Bushwalking Club successfully hosted the Federation Weekend 2016 - Western Grampians on October 8th & 9th.

The event (an annual get together of Victorian Bushwalking clubs) attracted about 290 walkers over the weekend. Perfect weather blessed the organisers and walkers on the Saturday. Walkers enjoyed beautiful sunny conditions to undertake their chosen walks. The sunshine also brought out an abundance of wildflowers.

Walks ranged from Mt Zero in the north of the Grampians, down the west side as far as the Chimney Pots on the Victoria Range and also included locations further west such as the Black Range and Mt Arapiles..

The fine conditions held out for the Saturday evening dinner - a delicious spit roast catered for by the local Laharum sports committee. 260 weary walkers enjoyed the meal and catching up with friends. Among several speeches was guest speaker - David Roberts (Parks Vic) - who gave a very interesting and informative presentation on the iconic Grampians Peaks Trail currently under construction.

Sunday saw our luck run out with the weather, with strong gusty winds forecast. The wind caused several changes to various walks, but most people were still able to enjoy themselves regardless. 

Lots of hard work in the organising throughout the last year by Wimmera Bushwalking Club members paid off with the weekend deemed a big success by all.